Monday 14 November
4:00pm – 5:30pm

AmplifyFE Communities of Practice Sector Audit launch event and discussion

Amplify FE launch their latest Communities of Practice Sector Audit.

The Communities of Practice Sector Audit, first published in 2020, provides up-to-date data of existing networks and communities that support teaching and learning, the use of technology, and subject specialism in the vocational education and training sector.

Join members of the AmplifyFE team as they launch the 2022 edition of the report and share their key findings. This event will be of interest to anybody working across digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education. Find out more about the ALT Sector Audit.

The research will be presented online at 4pm immediately followed by a Twitter chat at 4:30pm to discuss the research using the hashtag #AmplifyFE.

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a virtual meeting or gathering on Twitter to discuss a common topic. Our chat will run from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on Monday 14th November and will include some questions to stimulate discussion. Questions will be preceded with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc, for example: “Q1 What apps or services do you use to connect with others online? #AmplifyFE”.

Where will I find the Twitter chat?

Use the Twitter search facility to find #AmplifyFE

How do I take part?

You need a Twitter account in order to respond to a question, remember to include the hashtag #AmplifyFE within your tweet and precede your tweet with A1, A2, A3 etc.

For example: “A1. I have made new professional connections through using LinkedIn #AmplifyFE”.

Do I have to tweet to take part?

No, you don’t though your contributions will be valued! By following the hashtag #AmplifyFE you can simply read the questions raised and answers by those who respond.

If I can’t make the time slot, can I follow the Twitter chat later?

Yes you can view the discussion by searching for #AmplifyFE.

Will there be a summary of the session made available afterwards?

Yes – we will summarise the conversations that each question gives rise to, and post the results back to #AmplifyFE.

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Maren Deepwell

Chief Executive, Association for Learning Technology

Maren is Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology, the leading professional body for Learning Technology in the UK. Maren works with members, stakeholders and policy makers to deliver ALT’s strategy.

Emma Procter-Legg

Project Manager, AmplifyFE

Emma is the Project Manager for AmplifyFE. Launched in October 2020, AmplifyFE now connects over 1,000 professionals in Further Education and Vocational Education, providing a strong networking community for them to share, collaborate and learn.

About the Association for Learning Technology

The Association for Learning Technology is the leading professional body for learning technology in the UK. We support a collaborative community for individuals and organisations from all sectors including Further and Higher Education and industry and provide professional recognition and development. Membership is open to all with a professional interest in using digital technologies for learning, teaching and assessment.


Ufi VocTech Trust + ALT Strategic Partnership

Ufi VocTech Trust and the ALT are working together to champion the development of learning technology professionals in vocational education.

You can find out about our Strategic Partnership here: