Friday 17 November
2:00pm - 2:30pm

Practitioners’ corner: The game is never won by standing in any one place for too long

In our final session from AmplifyFE we invite you to join a true community session, our Practitioners’ Corner hosted by the AmplifyFE Community Space. Curious what it’s all about? Read on and join us for this fun and inspiring session.

Teachers have stood at the front of the classroom since the advent of the education system. This is mainly due to the presentation technology available being a tether rather than a facilitator of learning. Technology has now advanced, so why haven’t presentation methods?

In this session Chloë Hynes, Community Lead at AmplifyFE, and Chris Barnett, Maths Teacher at Sandwell College, will share practical approaches and fresh ideas to help you get away from lecturing to learners.

It’s time to evolve. This webinar will move you. Welcome aboard…

About AmplifyFE

Since 2020, the AmplifyFE network has connected 2,700 practitioners seeking to develop their digital skills. AmplifyFE is free to join and open to all. Led by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and funded by Ufi VocTech Trust, AmplifyFE provides a strong networking community for all FE and VocTech professionals to share, collaborate and learn.

Our speakers

Chloë Hynes

Chloë Hynes

Community Lead at AmplifyFE

Chloë has worked in various parts of the FE sector teaching ESOL, English and digital skills for a number of years. She has recently completed Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) and has been awarded EdTech50, Microsoft Innovative Educator (22-24) and JISC Community Champion. Chloë is particularly passionate about supporting others to develop their digital literacies, and amplifying the innovative work of her peers.

Chris Barnett

Maths Teacher, Sandwell College

Chris is a teacher of GCSE Mathematics at a West Midlands college. He has previously worked in schools and taught adult learners. He has a passion for EduTech and using it to reduce cognitive load on learners.