Thursday 16 November
5:30pm - 10:30pm

Ufi VocTech Showcase 2023

The highlight of #WeekofVocTech. Come together to celebrate, explore and be inspired by vocational technology.

Bringing together tech innovators, learning providers, employers and investors the VocTech Showcase from the Ufi VocTech Trust provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and share the impact of vocational technology, get hands-on with a selection of Ufi-supported tech (see below), and strengthen connections across the voctech community.

The Ufi VocTech Showcase 2023 will be held in the stunning vaults of RSA House, London.
Refreshments will be served.

Live demonstrations

The Showcase 2023 returns with an inspiring collection of vocational technology to explore. Meet the teams behind the tech and try it out for yourself.

Further details of the demos will be shared in the coming days.


Assistive technology and training to remove barriers to employment.

Bolton College

Artificial Intelligence to support teachers & students.

Bristol Braille

Improving access to STEM for adults who are blind or partially sighted.


Removing the barriers to a career in cyber security.


The new way to learn English.

Maths Kitchen

Increasing confidence with personalised support for Functional Skills Maths.

Metaverse Learning

Transforming education with immersive learning experiences.


Helping young adults secure paid work and become more financially capable.


Transforming the way students engage with providers.


AI to make teaching easier and more efficient.

Totem Learning

Augmented reality to deliver complex training for the rail industry.