The VocTech Podcast LIVE

Join us as we kick off the next series of The Voctech Podcast with a LIVE episode recording on Tech for Good.

Monday 15 November
11am – 11:45am

We’ll be celebrating some of the best applications of technology in and for the workplace.

This episode will be streamed live (see below) and subsequently air as a podcast on The VocTech Podcast. #voctechpodcast

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Our guests

Sophie Bailey, (Host)

Founder and Host, The Edtech Podcast

Sophie Bailey is the founder and host of The Edtech Podcast, whose mission is to improve the dialogue between “ed” and “tech” for better innovation and impact. The VocTech Podcast series looks at how technology is enabling us to upskill and reskill in high impact ways, covering everything from the role of AI in learning, to why you might want to use VR in nuclear training, to scaling access to learning through technology.

Mark Baxter

Technical Director and Co-Founder, Digitalnauts

Digitalnauts is an immersive learning programme and in-system assessment platform for upskilling across industry including the construction, Naval, and energy sectors.

Dr Andrea Cullen

Lead Tutor & Co-founder, CAPSLOCK

CAPSLOCK is an online cyber security professional training programme, where you don’t pay a penny until you get hired. Created by University Cyber lecturers who wanted to provide something better and more accessible, currently re-training Taxi-drivers, Dancers, and Stay-at-home Dad’s in the world of cyber to fill the skills gap in names like the BBC.

Diane Morgan

Director of Talent, Zinc VC

Zinc brings together the brightest minds to build and scale a brand new way to solve the most important societal problems faced by the developed world.

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