Ufi VocTech Showcase 2021

An opportunity for the VocTech community to come together and celebrate the achievements of its work during the previous 12 months.

Wednesday 17 November
10am – 12:00pm

A regular fixture in the Ufi calendar, Ufi’s annual VocTech Showcase has always been a time for the VocTech community to get together and celebrate the achievements of its work during the previous 12 months. After a challenging year of accelerated change the need for the VocTech community to get together has never been greater.

As well as a look at some of the fantastic work of the organisations we support, the event also provided the opportunity to engage with sector leaders and future thinkers through interaction and discussion. The Showcase also included the announcement of our grant funding dates for 2022.

Watch the Ufi VocTech Showcase 2021

Showcase 2021 Panel discussions

In the second half of the Showcase participants had the choice to listen and engage with one of four panel discussions; each focussed on a key aspect of VocTech.

1. Data and Ethics
Using data for good in learning design

Data driven approaches can deliver push techniques, such as nudge learning and spaced-practice, as well as instant feedback, support and scaffolding in learning… but can we trust providers to use data ethically in vocational education?

Our panellists were:

2. Assessment
How can we design assessment to work better for learners?

For too long, the “tail has wagged the dog” in assessment, prioritising assessment process, systems and timetables, rather than the specific needs of learners or employees. Apprentices have been particularly hard hit in times when “in-person’ assessment has not been possible, delaying qualifications and job prospects. And for employers, the onboarding of qualified new talent has been frustrated. In this session, we delve into the world of innovation in assessment and see how the tipping point for new ways of assessing talent may finally be here.

Our panellists were:

3. Inclusivity
Reaching Beyond the Mainstream: How to design and deliver broader learning opportunities, access and impact

All too often online learning opportunities are designed and used for those who already have an abundance of learning opportunities and credentials. How can more be done in the design, development, and delivery of learning technologies to enable more diverse learners to benefit? At a time when digital access can unlock whole swathes of untapped talent, how can we ensure that it will?

Our panellists were:

4. Future of Work
The Future of Work is now: What do we need to make it work for us?

A perfect storm of factors has changed the way we work. What skills are necessary to thrive in this ever-changing environment? How is technology opening up diverse talent away from “the centre”? How are learning and development leaders assessing and improving their own employee skillsets? What would they like to see more of from developers in the training space? What business models are funding workforce development? And how can the sector help to ensure equity of opportunity to avoid repeating the isolation of workers in deprived, coastal and rural areas, but this time online?

Our panellists were: